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The DEXPI Sandbox RDL is an ISO 15926 compliant Reference Data Library (RDL). It provides definitions for classes used by the DEXPI P&ID Specification.

Whenever possible, the DEXPI P&ID Specification uses reference data from the POSC Caesar Association (PCA) RDL. However, additional reference data was required to map the information model of the DEXPI P&ID Specification to ISO 15926.

These pages provide an easy-to-use text search to retrieve reference data. For example, enter DISPLACEMENT PUMP in the text field above in order to find the corresponding class. Alternatively, you can use a SPARQL Query Interface. (When you use this direct link, you may be asked to log in. This can be ignored; just close the log-in window.)

On-site navigation

As the DEXPI Sandbox RDL builds on the PCA RDL, navigation between the two RDLs can be tedious. For example, the page for the DEXPI class DISPLACEMENT PUMP on links to the superclass DYNAMIC PUMP in the PCA RDL ( However, the latter page only shows those subclasses of DYNAMIC PUMP that are in the PCA RDL, but not those in the DEXPI Sandbox RDL.

To ease navigation, you can activate on-site navigation at the top of this page. When this feature is active, data from the PCA RDL is shown on this page. For example, the link to DYNAMIC PUMP on the page for DISPLACEMENT PUMP will be redirected to This page shows all subclasses of DISPLACEMENT PUMP, including those defined in the DEXPI Sandbox RDL.